Sunday, September 1, 2013

Running Around Town

Why is it that I never remember everything I was going to get at the store?  I have 4 different store lists and still every time after we leave, just as we are pulling into the marina, I remember something we forgot.  We spend the mornings working on the boat before it gets too hot and then the afternoons running errands or playing with Lucy and then back to the boat to work some more. We like to spend the heat of the days driving around in our air conditioned rental!  Today I put up the shade bimini (wish we would have done this Thursday), Preston started building some shelves for the back lockers and a floor mat, I organized a little more, and Preston attempted to organize his tool/fishing/pantry/sewing/spare bedroom.  

Beaver has nothing on this adorandack chair!

1 comment:

  1. Can't see why you complain about the heat --it looks so "cool" to me. Wish I were there, wish you were here. Love ya, Mom,Cleo