Friday, September 13, 2013

Fully Loaded

We sold one of our 3 dingy motors, which leaves us with one extra we still need to get rid of.  After hours of persuasion I convinced Dan and Preston to get rid of that giant cooler, that we have no need for.  We took it and our old table bases down to the marine surplus store to see if they would trade for some store credit.  The owner gave us $40 bucks in credit so we got an awesome fillet table that mounts to our back rail!!! We even took the floor model to save us $10 bucks.  We all agree that the fillet table will be used a lot more than that cooler.  I am SO happy to get rid of that eyesore.  We altered and installed new table bases to turn the settee into a bed, ordered new LED lights for all the indoor and outdoor fixtures, and installed the new stereo Dan brought back as ours had bit the dust.
We stocked up on some canned food at Sam's Club, filled all our gas tanks, and finally pick up our motor lock.  After putting another Ford Focus full of "stuff" on our boat our waterline moved up a couple inches!  We are definitely fully loaded.  As it goes with boats we thought we would get the new lock for the motor swap the old one out and off we go.  Well we are on day 2 of trying to take the rust locked motor apart to put the new lock in.
We have made some good friends on our dock over the last couple weeks.  One family we hope to see in the future as we both cruise along.  Jay and Tanya are sailing on a catamaran named Take Two, they have 5 kids, and have been living aboard for the past 5 years.  Jay and Tanya are both amazing!  Tanya has a pantry bigger and better stocked than my mom's 10 year supply of food storage.  She has buckets and buckets of grain that she grinds herself to make flour.  Jay has the tool for every situation, and has let us borrow a few to help with our motor.  It is fun to sit around and hear stories of where and what they have done, along with the problems that occurred on their way.  We have fun with their whole family and can't wait to run into them at some remote anchorage somewhere.

Great Day to Go Up the Mast 

New Stereo That Works!!!


  1. Looks like everything is coming together for some smooth sailing!

  2. So it can be done with kids. Maybe I should convince joe we need to sail around the world!