Sunday, April 27, 2014

Week of Sailing

After we dropped off our final visitors at the airport we stopped by an old fort in San Juan. We both really enjoy walking through old buildings and seeing old architecture.  This fort did not disappoint. Built in the 1500's, there were secret tunnels and drawings on the prison walls.  After that we stocked up the boat and took a few relaxing days preparing for our crossing back to the Bahamas. We are going to try to sail as far as we can each day to spend the next month in the Bahamas before having the boat back in Florida for hurricane season.  The next week shows good weather and favorable seas, so we are hoping for a comfortable ride.  Will update again once we have internet again. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Round Three

Week three of visitors didn't disappoint. We started the trip off by sailing to the nearby island of Palaminos. We spent the day snorkeling, chasing turtles, and enjoying the sun. The next day we sailed a few miles North to another small island, Icacos. We had a beach day here and hiked around the island a little. We had a few days of bad weather coming so we took the boat back to the marina and spent the weekend exploring mainland Puerto Rico.  We drove 2 hours West to see a huge cave system, but when we got there we learned they were closed for Good Friday. Luckily we had a backup plan and drove for another half hour searching for some canals that the rental car guy had told us about. The only problem was nobody we asked seemed to know exactly where they were. We used logic and soon found them just past a lake dam. We aired up our tubes with a locals air compressor and jumped in!  The float took 3 hours and we went through 21 1/2 tunnels, most cut through the mountainsides. I never quite got comfortable with the brushing of leaves across my legs as we floated through pitch black tunnels filled with spiders and their webs!  Lucy was a champ and stayed in her tube for most of the ride. She didn't like ducking through the tunnels and probably ended up with a few webs in the face. At the end of the ride Jordan, Leslie, and I waited as Preston hitched a ride back to the car with some locals that were floating in front of us. Two hours later he picked us up and we were off to Old San Juan for dinner. We saw a lot of Puerto Rico this day. Everything from farmland to small towns and even the big city. It was a blast. 
Next up was the rainforest. It down poured on us again, and I believe it down pours every day in the rainforest.  Even though we are soaking wet the hikes are still fun and enjoyable. We never seem to get cold in Puerto Rico. La Niña falls was blasting again today and we still jumped in to feel the refreshing water. 
Up next is our favorite place in Puerto Rico, Culibrita.  We spent the 5 hour journey to Culibrita fishing, catching only barracuda.  The next few days were spent just how we like them, swimming, hiking, and digging in the sand.  This week again flew by and we wish we had just a few more days with our guests.