Monday, September 2, 2013

Dog Beach

We have found the coolest beach I have ever been to.  It is called Walton Rocks Beach and it is the only "dog beach" I have ever been to.  There are dogs everywhere.  Dogs running down the beach, swimming, surfing, laying out, you name it the dogs are doing it.  We especially love it because it gives Lucy time to run and play with other dogs.  She is 5 now, but keeps up with the puppies.  I think if it was up to her, she would swim all day long.
Preston also finished the shelves for the lockers to give us more storage space!!! YAY!  Also everything we are doing seems weird, and we have decided it's because we are missing 1/3 of our crew.  Dan should be back in the next couple weeks, but till then we are adjusting to not having him around.


  1. When you get settled let us know how to buy the Tees. Everyone wants to proudly wear one. Mama Cleo