Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Preston!

We have been busy celebrating Preston's Birthday.  He had been telling us that he wanted to eat desserts for every meal on his Birthday so that is precisely what we did.  I made cinnamon roll pancakes for breakfast, we rented a car for the weekend and went to the beach, stopped at Cold Stone for lunch, stocked up at Sam's Club, and made it home just in time to make Aunt Barbara's Banana Cake for dinner and played Monopoly (I won!) as it baked.  Other than that we received half of our LED's in the mail so Dan went up the mast to replace the old with the new and made it back down without any stunts!  We also got our wind generator delivered today.  We are now looking for a fabricator that can make us a custom mounting plate to go on top of our davit/bimini supports so we don't have to cut into our deck.  The manatees have been going crazy in our bay lately.  The show up in pods of 2-5 and munch down the leaves that float down the river every day.  Usually as the sun is setting we sit out on the dock and watch them chow down.  I don't think I will ever get sick of watching the sun go down here.

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  1. What a birthday. Sounds like you celebrated just right. Happy Belated B-day! Love you guys.