Friday, August 30, 2013

Hot, Busy Bee's in Paradise?

In the last few days we got our 675 lb. pallet of "stuff", dropped Dan off at the airport, washed the outside of the boat, got launched in the water, blew up the dingy, started finding places for everything, went to the dog beach (the real one this time), went to West Marine 10 times, and moved onto the boat.

We (Jalapeño, old Driftin' Days) are currently docked in Fort Pierce right behind the new Driftin' Days.  Robert & Mary, who we bought Jalapeño from, have their new boat docked right by us!  

I have been told that this is the last of all our stuff that needs to fit on the boat.

I am on day 3 of finding place for everything and almost have is all put away.  Let me tell you that moving around in a boat that is 100 degrees is exhausting.  It feels like 124 degrees all day everyday.  We thought that once we got the boat on the water that the air temp would feel cooler, boy were we wrong.  It is just as hot and last night at 10:00pm we booked it to Walgreens to buy a big box fan and a smaller desk fan.  This barely got us through the night.  Winter can't come soon enough!  

2nd Day of Putting Things Away

This little guy was helping us wash the boat

"The Launch" Dun Dun Dun
If you remember our last launch didn't go very well.  We started this launch knowing that we only had reverse in one engine, because the other won't lock down.  So with only one engine we lowered down and started up.  Preston was at the helm and I was holding a bumper standing on the engine that doesn't lock and running around the boat getting the lines tied and ready to throw, and running back every time we needed to reverse to stand on the engine.  I hope in the future that every docking goes as smoothly as this one.  I was nervous, because we were squeezing between a multimillion dollar powercat and the new Driftin' Days.  I was already thinking about having to call Mary and tell her we just hit their new boat!  There was no need because Preston pulled us around flipped a U and swung us in perfectly.  Both dock hands were impressed and commented on how easy we made it for them.

Oh yeah it is sooooo HOT down here.


  1. It's hot everywhere, don't you know about Global Taxing, I mean Global Warming?

  2. Thanks for sending us Dan for a week, we put him to work back here is Salt Lake City where it's 97 degrees and 10% humidity. We invited him to the Uinta Mountains for a weekend of camping where it doesn't matter what the temperature is!

  3. Hey friends..Way to go guys. Looking like your hard work is paying off. :)