Thursday, May 8, 2014

Back to the Bahamas

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We started off our 7 day crossing with the wind and seas in our favor.  We basically sailed for 3 days without adjusting the sails. We pulled into Turks and Caicos for a couple nights of good sleep and some haircuts, then headed out again for another 3 days. Preston spotted humpback whales again!  They didn't stuck around long, but I was able to get a couple pictures. We only saw a few boats through the whole trip. The last day and a half was heading straight into the wind and waves and we were so tired we pulled the sails in and motored to get us there faster. It is brutal when we have to pound into the waves. We were both dying to get to a calm anchorage by day 3, and the Bahamas did not disappoint. We have been calmly anchored for the past 4 days enjoying the crystal clear water, warm weather, and unlimited internet on the boat.  Our goal is to spend the next couple weeks working our way up the Bahamas and back to Florida by June 1st.