Monday, September 16, 2013

35th Anniversary

When you get married and start having kids, where do you think you will spend your 35th anniversary?  On your kids sailboat getting ready to see the world?  That is what we did for my parents 35th wedding anniversary.  It was a perfect day for my mom, who is EXTREMELY seasick, to go sailing.  We only had 5-10 knots of wind and 1-2 foot swells.  It was a smooth ride and her patch worked great.  We sailed through a field of jellyfish, but other than that didn't see much wildlife.
We also went to the Navy Seal Museum, which was amazing.  We had a ton of fun seeing the history of the Navy Seals.

"I'm Sailing"


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  2. I love the "What About Bob" picture. And that picture of Lucy is so great. Looks awesome!

  3. What a great anniversary present! That's how I want to spent my 35th anniversary. Hmmm...which of my kids do you think would be the sailor??? Charlie...I think. Kate will probably be on a safari somewhere looking for her lost Tiger family....haha.
    Charlotte was very concerned about the pic of your Dad all tied up...and the boat eating Prestons head!