Monday, September 30, 2013

Exploring Fort Pierce

The marina we are staying at has 3 complimentary beach cruisers for the patrons to use.  How perfect for us!  Until we went to take them out and 2 had flat tires.  Dan and Preston started blowing one up and blew it right up, "POP" it sounded like a gunshot.  I should start by telling you that the manager here, Rose, loves me.  She is fantastic and thinks it is awesome that a girl does all the work that she usually only sees men do.  I mean lets face it how many men do you know that went out a got a boat vs. how many women do you know that went out and got a boat?  It is primarily men that she deals with and likes seeing a girl around the boatyard.  So I asked her if she could have someone pick up some spare bike tubes and I would have Dan and Preston fix the flat bikes.  Two days later she told me the bikes were ready to use..............

We now have 3 brand new beach cruisers to ride around town.  Not fixed old rusty ones, but brand spanking new ones!!! Thanks Rose!  We took them out the first day and because everything is so flat here that are a joy to ride.  Lucy was most excited of all to get out of the marina and run!  We ended up pushing her a little too far and she had to hitch a ride with Preston for a while as her muscles were not used to running 7 miles.  This was hilarious.  I do not know if it was because she was so exhausted or if it is just her temperament, but we tried 3-4 positions of riding with her and she went along with all of them.  The one that worked best was Preston holding her on his lap with her leash going under her back legs like a swing holding her up.  Every time Preston's right leg came up Lucy's butt was in the air, then his left leg would come up her head was in the air.  Dan and I were laughing so hard as she teeter tottered down the sidewalk.  I don't imagine it was easy for Preston to ride his bike holding a 55 lb dog.  We now take these gems to the grocery store, West Marine, and even out to dinner if it's too hot to cook.


  1. What a riot! You just make me laugh. You're right Tara, you really are "one of a kind". Thanks so much for the pictures but your discriptions are just as graphic.