Sunday, September 22, 2013

Working as Hard as We Can

We have been working hard on making our tentative route around the world.  We are trying to fit in all the places we want to go within the weather windows each part of the world has.  Later this week I will post the basic route we will be taking.  Keep in mind this can change at any moment, but we still want a basic time frame, so all you reading can come visit!  Ours days seem to be dragging by lately.  We have been waiting for our LED lights the last week and they are STILL not here.  To fill our time we get up, eat breakfast, usually pancakes, shower, then each of us then works on a small boat project until the heat gets to us all and we go take a dip in the pool, then we eat dinner, watch a movie and go to bed.  The pool has been our paradise the last few days.

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  1. Great pics..Love the ones of the books and the route planning.
    Sorry I haven't been commenting. I usually read your posts from my Ipad but it won't let me comment from just keeps erasing my comments. So, I'll have to start commenting while I'm on my computer.