Friday, October 4, 2013

Life on the Dock

As we have been living tied to a dock the last month there is one thing we all agree on, and that is we want to spend as much time on our journey "on the hook" not tied to some dock at some marina.  Of course living at a marina has it pros, but we are dying to get moving.  We received our wind generator and have been working on a mounting plate that will work with our canopy setup.  We also have been working on the SSB radio and finally hired someone to come out and take a look at isolating one of our backstays to use at the antenna.  He told us that because we are only receiving on our SSB not transmitting that all we have to do is run the cable up the mast with a halyard every time we want to use the radio.  Sweet, he just saved us a thousand bucks.  We also had the refrigeration guy out just to tell us to defrost our fridge and clean out the air intake on the compressor.  We did that yesterday and put an inch more insulation around it and are hoping today that our fridge gets below 50 degrees!!!  We also had a fabrication guy come out to take some measurements on making the mount for the wind generator.  It looks like that is all we are waiting on now and it should take about a week.  We also got new signs made for the forward port and starboard sides, because the original ones made were WAY too small.  It looked hilarious from 10 feet away, and at 100 feet away there was no way you could read it without binoculars.  Now as we cruise down the ICW no bridge operators will have to ask the name of our boat.  We are still going to the pool everyday working on our "zen" approach to holding our breath and swimming underwater laps.  Our goal is to become free divers that can at least make it down to the anchor and back!


  1. BM, you better keep a hat on. That dome is getting pretty thin. Thanks for the update. I check about every 2 hours when I'm at work for something new.

  2. We also have a hard time getting our fridge below 50 degrees. I think I will try insulating the box as well before we head out this Winter. Thx for the tip, let me know how it works out.