Sunday, December 9, 2012

We Made It

Pulled into the boat yard around 1:00pm.  Yesterday was on of THOSE days.  Ended up missing one turn off that added 2 extra hours of slow winding roads, almost ran out of gas in the middle of Florida.  There must be some kind of Sunday night fueling rules in Florida, because 4 separate fuel stations were closed or not allowing people to fuel.  Luckily we are packing 4 empty gas cans and one with 5 gallons of gas in it that ended up saving the day.  Once night fell in Florida the fog came in.  I am not talking about the kind of fog that is spotty and you can see through it.  I am talking about thick solid clouds that are never-ending.  You have to slow down in this kind of fog because you can barely see the road in front of you.  Of course the fog didn't just last 50-60 miles it lasted from Pensacola to Jacksonville, which is the entire width of Florida.  Hours upon hours of fog.

Today we finished the 2 hour drive to Fort Pierce and got to our boat/home.

The previous owners left the boat spotless and so all it needed today was a wipe down of vinegar/water solution.  We did however find out that one or two windows have leaky seals and need to be resealed.  Add to the to do list.  Which doesn't sound like a big deal, but you have to remember the weather Florida has been having since June when we left her.  Rain, rain, rain and more rain.  So this is what we found under one of the floor boards.  More cleaning tomorrow and hopefully moving some of our stuff in.