Monday, December 17, 2012

Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay

We are back on the dock working on the port engine again.  Made it out the inlet and into the deep blue when we lost the port engine again.  Turned around and headed back for the dock.  It was running fine for 6.3 miles then we slowed the throttle and it died.  When we tried to restart it there was no power getting through.  Almost like the battery was dead, only the same battery starts both engines and the starboard was starting fine.  The fuse was corroded basically to nothing so we were sure that was the problem.  We had already looked for a fuse but had no luck finding a 20 amp.  Now we are worried we will have to special order one.  Out to the car we went and of course the battery on my jeep was dead as a doornail.  Jumper cables anyone???  After stopping 10 cars finally one left and came back with a jump.  Now first thing on the list get my battery checked and buy some jumper cables.  "Get to the zone, Autozone."  Battery check 100%, which makes me think the alarm must have been going off all night.  Got some jumper cables and guess what else we found at Autozone?  A 20 amp fuse.  We purchased 4.

First thing this morning we sent Preston up the mast to change the bulb in the anchor light, because we are trying to get off the $80.00/ night dock and out at anchor in the ICW, 20 yds away.  As I am writing this Dan and Preston have been working on the port engine and just got it running!!!! So tomorrow morning out again to test the engines some more.  In the last picture don't get confused.  Preston is on the right at the top of our mast!  The boat on the left is the biggest cat I have ever seen.  We have had the luxury of sitting next to it since Friday.  It definitely makes us feel inferior.

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  1. Glad yoy guys made it and glad things are looking up!! Did captain Morgan or captain crunch save the day lol! Miss you guys tons!! Miss my bully partner haha!