Thursday, December 20, 2012

Look Out............. BRIDGE

We stand 47' tall from the waterline and from Fort Pierce to Fort Lauderdale there are 36 bridges in the ICW.  Of the 36 bridges four stand fixed at 65 feet.  This means we need to request the opening or wait for the hour or half hour for 32 bridges.  At least it gives the boys something to do as they motorsail down the ICW (Inter Coastal Waterway).  I'm sure it is still a little scary to go under the fixed bridges.

Yesterday and today I am spending my day running provisioning errands and getting my car serviced and fixed.  Turns out the problem on my Jeep is the starter.  After getting an oil change on it yesterday I had the dealership plug into the computer to see what the problem was.  The code that came up was the ignition switch.  We made an appointment to get it replaced today at 2:00pm, but this morning I could not get my car started.  Of course I am parked at  Private Country Club on Jupiter Island and was already in trouble for getting dropped off at the dock by our dink, and now my car won't start while security is standing at my window telling me to leave immediately.  Probably didn't help that I told them if they didn't want me parking here that there needs to be some kind of sign saying private property or no parking.  Anyway I drove straight to the dealership and told them to just fix whatever the problem is.  Then luckily it would not start for the mechanic either so he could understand what the problem was.  He fiddled with the starter and it fired up.  He was still worried about the ignition switch so I told him to fix it all.  I don't want any more problems.  Now I am waiting all day for my car to get fixed, and then I will drive down to meet the boys wherever they make it tonight.
I have to stop by West Marine and pickup our new mounting bracket for our propane system regulator that we ordered and some more window caulk to keep in stock.  I have also been searching for some pool noodles for the kayak to sit on but have had no luck finding any.  I have looked at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, local pool stores, and dollar stores.  If anyone has any suggestions on where else to look here in Florida let me know.
Whoever came up the saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" has never met our old dog Layla.  She has learned to use our small patch of synthetic grass faster that our pup Lucy, who we always thought was the smart one.  It only took her one day of not going the bathroom to decide that patch was her best option.  Lucy is still struggling and has just started peeing while she is walking all over the deck.  It makes us laugh when we see a squiggly trail running from the font of the boat to the back.

First Anchorage
Dink ride back to the dock

Ohh we love reading the comments.  Gives us a feeling of being home with family and friends.  


  1. That looks so great. I love that picture of the boat in the sunset. Or maybe it's a sunrise but it looks so peaceful.

  2. Whats so special about the residence of Jupiter Island?? You guys don't have an address..........just a name!

  3. That is a beautiful site but I''ll bet you miss the snow. Especially since we are going sleigh riding next week. Thanks for keeping us updated on your adventures.
    love, Mamasita

  4. I am so loving the pictures, and following your adventures!! Keep them comming!!

  5. So sad about your car. That really sucks to have to deal with that too. But you get to see the sunshine on the water. :) What a +!

  6. Tara and Dan. First of all, as a lifelong friend, I'm pissed I wasn't invited. Second of all I am pumped for you guys you are doing something I have dreamed of for years. I will be following this and living vicariously through you guys! Can one of you email me at I want to get some info from you. Congrats on everything so far!