Friday, December 7, 2012

Driving Part I

We planned to leave for Florida on December 1st, but didn't get out of town until December 6th. We had 2500 miles to go, so we left at 4:00am Thursday morning and drove straight through to Santa Fe, New Mexico, 13 hours. We decided on the southern route so we could visit one if Dan and Preston's best friends. If you know Preston then you know a Uhaul will just not do for a jaunt across the country. Instead the options were a modified 18 foot boat trailer with homemade plywood boards built up 6 feet or a modified tent trailer with the guts removed that maxes at 27" in height. I vetoed the boat trailer which was just a little too ghetto for me. We ended up with a leaky tent trailer with holes in the floor, no title, and a spare tire "just in case." The intent is to try and sell it when we get to Florida.


Stopped at 4 corners national marker.
Stopped to fix a blowout on the trailer.
Stopped to get new tires put on the trailer.
Spent the night with a good meal and great friends in Santa Fe. (Thanks again Jarvis for putting us up and making us laugh.)

 Luckily only the dogs were on top of the jack storage
 Dan's finger in 4 states

Preston refused to go into Colorado

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