Friday, December 28, 2012

Island Time

Today we were waiting for some guy that the office girl knows with a truck to pick us up from the marina with our fuel tank and take us 5 miles to the repair shop.  This day started when the courtesy van the marina has would not run and so the office girls started looking for an another mode of transportation for us.  She came down to the boat and told me the taxi ride is $25 each way and another $20 to stop by the grocery store.  She said, "I don't know about you guys but $70 is a lot of money to me."  I assured her that was way too much money for us and we would walk the aluminum tank 5 miles.  She then told me she has a friend with a truck that will take us to the repair shop, the store, and anywhere else we want to go for $20.  Around 12:00 he showed up, on his lunch break, and took us to the shop and the store.  When we tried to pay him he refused and was very stern about us not paying until after we pick up the tank in a few days.  Now to explain his truck may be difficult.  A blue and rust colored pickup with a bench seat in the front.  The seat is more springs than material, the door panels are missing on the inside, with the window lever on the floor to be put on the knob when rolling down the window then placed back on the floor.  The doors must be opened from the outside and the tailgate not to be closed.  Oops!!  Naturally we shut it after we loaded the tank.   Now we wait to hear anything about our tank.  Not sure yet if they can weld it or if a new one is our best option, and with the weekend approaching we probably won't know anything until Monday.  Our plan is to spend the weekend on the beach, kayaking, fishing, and enjoying the Bahamian sun.

Everything we do is decided by how much it will cost, so the marina we are staying at is the cheapest so far.  Daily rate $45.00, weekly rate $175, and monthly rate $210.  This includes power, water, laundry, showers, wifi, and a courtesy van (the one that doesn't run and looks like it hasn't run in years.)  Hopefully we will only be here a week, but have decided it isn't that bad of a place.  The main office girl goes out of her way to help us and there is a huge grassy area that the dogs LOVE.  We are the only boat here other than a monohull that looks like it hasn't moved it 8 years,  The docks are a little iffy and the restrooms....well the restrooms serve their purpose.

We got to really see the neighborhood today as we decided to walk to 2 miles home from the store.  We got lost and ended up walking more of a big 4 mile loop holding all the groceries.  It wasn't half bad and we saw a lot of interesting homes, kids, and culture.


  1. LOL I so love the way you explain things.. You guys look like true sailors. Keep your head up, things can only get better...right. :)

  2. It sounds like an adventure. Miss you all.

  3. what a fun adventure :) i love hearing about it! your christmas brunch looked delish. happy 2013!! xoxo

  4. Does your driver know he is on the wrong side of the road?? Just FedEx the tank back to me I will weld it up for free!!

    1. It seems sending the tank back home would have been faster!!