Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Packing and Then Unpacking

The past few days have been busy unpacking, cleaning, and organizing.  It is 80 degrees and feels like 300% humidity.  I think it seems so hot because we are working so hard all day.  The hours pass by and  before we know the guard is kicking us out of the boat yard.  Well we did it!  I didn't think that all the stuff we packed into that trailer would fit into our boat, but all I have left is some cleaning supplies and misc. items.
We were moved to the DIY area this morning.  This made for a very expensive day.  We spent the morning running to Home Depot, Walmart, The Paint Store, and West Marine getting the supplies we need to work on Jalapeño.  We only purchased 4 items at West Marine and spent as much there as we did on everything else all over town, including dinner.  After our shopping spree we headed back to the boat yard and started some heavy cleaning on the outside of the boat.  The boys found a friend, but we came to the unanimous decision NOT to keep her around.

 All that is left to find a place for
 The shower will be used for storage for now


  1. WOW. Great decision not to keep the extra guest.

  2. Actually, its Cleo. WoW we LOVE your pics and comments. We miss you so much. Christmas will be here soon, we will be sad setting 2 less plates for the Brunch.
    I tell everyone about your Site. I was at a breakfast with Karen Gorzitzi, Judene Graham, Margie Ungricht, etc. They all couldn't stop with the questions. Karen is a friend of Patty's. She is the one who called about her daughter staying in your house, fortunately she found something else before I had to confront her with the bad news. Keep the pics and comments coming. Tonight we are having a girls sleep over, except Claire and Kate. Later I'll fill you in on a funny little drama that happened in the family.
    I will have the girls post on your site while they are here. Love, Mom Cleo