Saturday, December 8, 2012

Driving Part III

Day 3

Left the hotel at 9:30am.
Finished Louisiana.
Drove through Mississippi.
Got lost in Alabama, aka took the scenic route after missing the hwy transfer.
Made it to Florida!!!!!

We are still in route to Fort Pierce and hope to make it there tonight. Today the landscape changed a lot. We went from swampy Louisiana to the hills, farms, and forests in Mississippi, then the coast line of Alabama and now the night sky in Florida. Much more entertaining than the nothingness of Texas and New Mexico. Right now all 3 of us are so excited to get on the boat tomorrow. We just found out that we will get there just in time for the Christmas light boat parade tomorrow. The dogs have handled the road trip like pros, but every once in a while the car gets a little stinky and needs some freash ocean air.

 Are we there yet?

Crossing the Mississippi

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  1. Glad you guys made it to Florida! Look forward to more pics! Sounds like quite the adventure so far.