Sunday, December 30, 2012

Beach Days

Is there anything better than spending the day at the beach with nothing else to do?  Joe, Preston's dad, told us before we left that the Bahamas have the softest white sand beaches, and we all agree.  We had more fun playing in the sand on the beach than the waves in the ocean!  The sand here is so fine it feels like fluffy, warm clouds beneath your feet.  Layla was the old grandma at the beach.  She zonked out and was soon buried in a warm blanket of sand.


  1. Looks like your breaking bread with a stow-a-way. We have a similar fluffy cloud stuff here, but we have to shovel it before we go play in it. Happy New Year Tara, Preston, Dan, Herbie, Wilson, Layla and Lucy! May you have red skies each night and calm winds at first light.

  2. Goodness that looks lovely. I am glad you are getting some R&R after your "adventures" that have come your way.