Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 A New year

We finished off 2013 with a bang! A lot of bangs actually. Tons of fireworks and the most deafening firecrackers I have ever heard. The final count down was a 20 foot firecracker in the road and a ball bouncing down about 10 feet.  The ball was dangling from a couple 2x4 boards on top of a 3 story apartment building.  We can't be sure but it looked like the line it was being dropped with was the extension cord for the lights.  We almost headed back to the boat an hour earlier, but are happy we stayed for midnight. We were exhausted after spending the day in the sun working hard scraping caulk off one of the leaky windows and resealing it. It was a ton of work and afterwards all we wanted to do was go to bed.
The past few days have been very busy. We played Yahtzee, Preston got 3 yahtzees and Dan got one!  I had never seen a Yahtzee rolled before.  Preston killed us both and had the highest score ever!  We took in Boqueron by food cart. Preston had an oyster, and we all shared a big flat fried fish, and each got an empanadilla.  Dan went home for snowmobiling season and will come back whenever he gets sick of the cold weather or misses wearing a swimsuit everyday.  Preston and I went on a fun hike to one of the peaks nearby. Lucy loved it the most and led us straight into a herd of cattle. We also had to take the "3 mile cruise" aka dump the holding tank!  The boat has needed a good cleaning for a while and we have started that process. We are planning to leave Boqueron sometime this week, but need to go to the store for groceries and order pizza one more time. 

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year!!! We booked our tickets yesterday. Looking forward to seeing you guys.

  2. Wow!! Love that old twisted tree with cactus, catching a Rainbow, and that small piece of Sun, just slipping into the sea. Or is it Sunrise? When you are through with Jalapeño, you could get a job with Nat'l Geographic. Happy New Year!
    Love and miss you, Mom/Cleo

  3. Happy New Year! Dan doesn't miss you yet, we had a blast riding motorcycles in St. George due to the lack of snow for snowmobiling. Kitt's family came for their first adventure ride where Kalee and Kristopher had to use a CLUTCH! Pretty hard to get the brake, clutch, gas thing all working together but after a day of riding they have it down pat. ( well, almost)

  4. I am green with envy over your pictures. I e-mailed you a few minutes ago about coming to visit. Let me know if you got it... I accessed it through your blog.