Monday, January 6, 2014

Three Kings Day

We have been celebrating for over 15 hours here in Boqueron.  In Puerto Rico the locals celebrate a holiday called Three Kings Day. It is celebrated more than Christmas or New Years.  The celebrations start January 5th at 7:00pm and goes until 7:00am January 6th.  There was a huge stage set up on the edge of the bay with a band and DJ playing throughout the night. Everyone in town children and adults were on the streets dancing and having fun. We were going to try our hardest to make it to 7:00am so we took a nap during the day preparing for the all nighter.  The music started blasting around 3:00pm and we made it into town around 7:00 for dinner and festivities.  I wasn't feeling very good so we only made it to around midnight and then went back to the boat.  Not for sleep, which was impossible with the music blasting for then next 7 hours!!  For everyone that made it to 7:00am the 3 kings rode through town on horseback throwing gifts to the children and everyone gets coffee and doughnuts in the park, or so we heard.

We worked on the boat the past few days. Our windlass that pulls our anchor up has been broken for a couple weeks and since we are planning on leaving tomorrow we decided to take one more look at it.  We were able to get some power to it and it moved a little more than it had been, but it is still seized up. Also the window we recaulked is no longer leaking!!

I can say one thing about traveling so far. I have never felt more American than when I am picking up my dogs poop off the beach with my hand covered with a baggie and I can hear the locals saying, "You must be from California!" Ha ha ha we made some friends after that and everyone got a good laugh while I held my dogs poop in my hand. 

Mostly the last week we have been enjoying our time in Puerto Rico and running a few errands around town. 

If you are sick of sunset pictures off our boat, here is a new view. This happens every night off the dock. A crowd gathers to take pictures of the sunset. I suppose we should get used to being in people's photos.  We have noticed that our life is picture perfect!


  1. Well, you ARE the most photogenic ,smiling couple ever. You should frame the pic of the hammock , sell it at a local art show, make some extra $.

  2. You only stayed up until midnight?? You guys are old!!

  3. You should frame the picture of Preston's beard

  4. I never tire of the sunset pictures. :)