Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bahia Salinas

We sailed a couple hours south yesterday and pulled into Bahia Salinas and dropped the anchor all before 11:00am.  Anchored next to us was some friends we had met in Boqueron on a ship made of concrete. We spent the rest of the day lounging on the boat and I made philly cheesesteaks for dinner. Mmmmmmm  mmmm mmmm they were delicious.  This morning we put the dinghy back in the water and headed off to hike to the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse.  We first tried to dock the dinghy on a small beach close to the lighthouse, but when Preston jumped out of the boat the whole beach moved. It was covered in bugs. We said NO WAY and headed to the town dock.  The lighthouse was about a 3 mile walk. The cliffs and views from the top were breathtaking. Lucy was a mountain goat and walked right along the edges of the cliffs. We could also see a beach that looked amazing, but no dogs allowed and we were not hiking back to the boat and then back to the beach in the heat of the day. We did however jump in the water off the boat and scrub the slime off the bottom.  We were growing all kinds of things below our waterline and now she looks beautiful.  We took a nap after that getting ready for an early  start tomorrow.


  1. A concrete boat.................................why didn't I think of that?

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  3. Looks beautiful!! I love your pics and your tans. Looking good you two!! Missing you, but hoping to see Danny while he's in town.