Sunday, January 26, 2014

We are Trying to Leave

The last few days we have gone to bed with the intention of leaving Coffin Island. Somehow each morning we aren't ready to leave yet.  We finished caulking our windows yesterday and used the leftover caulk for some miscellaneous jobs like fixing Preston's Tevas!  We took the day yesterday to explore more of our island and found some caves to explore.  We knew there were caves somewhere on the island and it took some ninja hiking to get to them. Slipping between poison ivy and cacti we stumbled upon one entrance to the cave system. After climbing down a tree root to get to the first level in the caves we proceeded rock climbing down to the bottom of the caves. What we thought was going to be a small cave turned out to be a system of caves with at least 3 entrances. It was 40 feet tall in the main cavern and 100 feet wide!!  I was glad Preston came prepared with his headlamp and we tried our hardest to get some pictures. The problem is the our camera couldn't focus in the pitch black and most the pictures turned out blurry.  The weekend here has brought some tourists in on a ferry. We even ran into a group from St. George, Utah. Times like this it seems like the world is small, but when we were in the middle of the Atlantic the world never seemed so big!  We will be leaving soon to find a new place to explore. At least that is what we keep telling ourselves!

This is what we should be doing.....
But how can we leave?


  1. Lifetime warranty on Chaco Sandals. You should upgrade. Heck, they should be sponsoring you. What size do you wear?

  2. Polished rocks on the beach!!!!! I could scoop up handfuls. The two sailboats look like they could be out for a sail on Bear Lake. It's Girl Scout Cookie time in SLC. I'll save you some Samoas and Thin Mints in the freezer.