Friday, January 24, 2014

Caja Muerto (Coffin Island)

We have been enjoying each stop on our way through Puerto Rico.  We have been taking it slow sailing one day at a time or not moving at all!  Our new spot has turned into our very own private island. We have been the only ones here for the last 2 days.  If I could buy an island this is the one I would buy!  This island is about 6 miles off mainland Puerto Rico. We got here on Wednesday after cleaning the boat at the dock and putting the jib back up. It took almost 2 hours sailing and we pulled in just before lunch. We didn't want to go through the hassle of dropping the dinghy in the water so we just swam to shore in the clear blue water.  We hiked to the old lighthouse and took a beach day on the soft, white, sandy beach.


  1. Question for you guys.....Do you find there's a lot of wave slap under the bridgedeck on your boat? I've heard that's a problem on the PDQ36.....

    1. Stacey

      We are glad you found our blog. We get some big slapping under the table in the settee when the waves are about 4 feet, really close together and we are headed straight into them. Other than that we sail pretty comfortably all the time. We have asked friends on different catamarans off they experience the same thing and everyone so far get the same annoying slapping in those conditions, even a friend on a Lagoon 44, which sits a lot higher than we do. We LOVE our PDQ36. Compared to other cats we have been on ours seems build more sturdy and the layout suits us best. It seems PDQ spent time on the details and didn't skimp on quality. What are your plans once you find a boat? We hope to answer any more questions you may have.


  2. Thanks for the info. I had heard the slapping on the 36 was pretty bad when I asked someone on a PDQ32, but was curious to ask someone who actually has one themselves. The PDQ interests us the most right now for the reasons you stated.....every review online seems to rave about the details, sturdiness, and build quality. All important points I think. Plus, the pricepoint is about right. As for what we hope to do.....pretty much what you guys have done, from what I've read on your blog. Probably bum around the Bahamas for a while to get to know the boat, back to Florida to recharge the bank, make repairs and upgrades, then take off for the big trip. But, the boat is still at least a year off right now :( so who knows how plans could change by then. Keep up the blogging, I'll definitely be following!