Tuesday, October 15, 2013


We are preparing to leave Florida this week for good.  Now this is only if the weather continues to cooperate and we can get the wind generator hooked up and working properly.  The mount is supposed to be done by Friday at the latest.  We will be driving to Orlando on Thursday to meet up with some friends that are in town for the week and taking advantage of having the car for a day to stock up at the grocery store.  We finally received our LED lights and have them all installed.  We hope that this will reduce our power usage significantly.  Right now our days are mostly spent fixing or cleaning a few things on the boat, reading, watching movies, and waiting.  Dan, Preston, and Lucy all got haircuts last week.  It was my first time ever giving a mens haircut, and both turned out great.  Hopefully next time I can finish each cut under and hour!

Before and After


  1. Great haircuts. I never could do a good job even after 7 boys. I'm glad Lucy got a cut too. Doesn't look like you are starving. Are those the new LED lights? Miss you. Love you. Mom/Cleo

  2. Is a chunk of Danny's ear missing?? Just teasing, looks good!

  3. Did you cut BMs hair too or just decide you better keep what you can?

    1. Yes she cut my hair Aaron. But thanks for the "heads up" on my thin hair.