Friday, October 25, 2013

Anchoring/ Living on the Hook

We are only on day 3 of not being tied to the dock and we LOVE it. It might be the cold front that moved in or the fact that we are always facing the wind so there is a constant breeze blowing through the boat, whatever it is it makes life so much more comfortable.  Today we went to West Marine to get the very last items on our list, then to Bed Bath and Beyond, back to West Marine, then to the boat.  Oops! Back to West Marine one last time grabbed some dinner and back to the boat.  One of the boats in our anchorage had the gas tank stolen out of his dingy today.  We were parked right next to his dingy and boy are we happy we purchased the cable, and locking system for our motor and gas tank.


  1. Hey Boys, we are not seeing enough pic's of Tara. Does she do all the writing and take all of the pictures? Pardon me, I am just a mother missing her daughter.
    Good luck on your crossing, be safe, I love you all!

  2. Just wanted to say that North Lake Worth anchorage is one of my favorites because of the short walk to Publix, Westmarine, and other services. I guess you could ride the dink over to Old Port Cove Marina & tie up at their docks if you didn't care for the landing under the bridge. Yeah I'm with Mamasita, need more pics of Tara!