Thursday, October 24, 2013

Will We Ever Really Be Ready?

As we were heading south yesterday the RPM's on our starboard engine started bouncing all over the place, so we shut it off and then couldn't get it to run again.  First things first we changed the spark plugs. Nope not that, so then we changed the fuel filter.  Yay!! Started up and idles fine. Turns out it was a good thing because we thought we had 4 spare fuel filters, but really only had 2 and now only one.  We have already been to West Marine today and stocked up on fuel filters and will get spark plugs tomorrow.  After fixing the engine Preston went for a dip in the open blue to scrub the bottom of our boat where the speedometer gets its reading, because it has not been working for the last month and we figured it was just overgrown with scum. It was quite hilarious to watch the  "Daring Preston" scrub and get back in the boat in as much time as it took to jump in the water. He was out quicker than a lightning bolt. I guess it is a little creepy to jump in open ocean 100' deep not knowing what is beneath you. I don't think he will be doing it again anytime soon, because shortly after a lone shark went swimming by the boat about five feet below the surface!  CREEPY!  We had a few dumb things happen yesterday too. As we were turning into the wind to drop the sails Lucy's potty pad caught the wind and went flying! Yes, she had just used it, and all of our hatches were open.  YUCK!  One piece went flying into the ocean so we got the sails down and rolled up and practiced our man overboard. We rescued the piece of plastic with no harm done.  After that we thought we were somewhat safe back in the ICW.  Boy were we wrong.  As we were headed to our anchorage in the 50 yard wide ICW some inconsiderate guy in a monster trawler went flying past us full speed leaving behind his 4 foot wake. Phew...... We had just enough time to turn and hit the wake at some kind of angle so we didn't go bouncing all over the place.  After talking about what a jerk he was we were ambushed again. This time he came from behind with no warning, full speed, and even closer. SMACK, BOOM, and that unmistakable sound of shattering glass!  His wake hit us so hard the fridge door that locks shut flung open, everything on the table was now on the floor and my bottle of olive oil was shattered and splattered everywhere.  Of course twice wasn't enough and he was coming back for a third time. This time we got out the blow horn and were standing on deck ready to give them some hand gestures.  Boy is he lucky he turned off the ICW before he went past us again or he would have gotten it from me in my rubber gloves waving my hands up and down (universal for slow down and open your eyes you moron).  Preston had another gesture in mind.

Mine, mine, mine, mine


  1. Whoa. What a laugh!(sorry) and the pics are perfect. I think Lucy had the same gesture in mind but lacks the digit.

  2. Stay away from sharks please =-)