Thursday, January 24, 2013

Little Harbour

We are snuggled in a small bay filled with 25 mooring balls and the cutest town of Little Harbour.  Little Harbour is a bahamian hideaway.  A Smith College professor and sculptor moved his family here over 55 years ago and lived in caves while they built their home.  The town is filled with bronze statues from his work and his 3 sons still live here and maintain most of the town.  The beaches and waters around Little Harbour are part of the Bahamas National Trust and therefore have great snorkeling and beautiful sandy beaches.  We hiked to an old foundation of a light house that used to be on the island and watched the waves crash on the sharp limestone rocks.


  1. I love the cat fighting the bird for the fish!

  2. I've been following you guys sorry I haven't been leaving comments I will start. Verry jealous this is an awesome journey. And Tara you write very well and very funny.

  3. Wow! Amazing journey so far. Tara - I love the accessory in the pic of you ;).

  4. Mom/Cleo. I'm loving this adventure. You are sharing it in such a great way, but, I miss all of you even my Grand dogs.

  5. What are you doing to protect yourselves from pirates? Seriously!!! Doesn't seem like there would be much law enforcement if you needed it. Do you hear of any crime or problems from other sailors?

    1. We haven't heard of any piracy here in the Bahamas from other boaters, but in the marina we stayed at in Freeport there we a few things stolen in the yard and a fence cut. But that was in a city with apartments near by.