Friday, January 11, 2013

Fishing Round 3

Turns out all you need to catch fish is rough seas and 25 knot winds.  We had a very successful fishing day catching all kinds of fish.  Total count 10! Ranging from Turbot, Parrot, Grouper and Grunt fish.  Swells up to 7 feet so we anchored in 70' of water and fished for a few hours.  When it came time to leave our anchor was so stuck it was bending the front anchor plate and we worked it for 45 minutes fighting to get it free.  We also nailed the dock with our barbecue while leaving because the wind was so strong.  This ended up bending our railing.  Doesn't matter as we caught us some fish and had a great meal over a fire on the beach.

 First Catch of the Day!!

Here is a movie of Dan taking the skin off This Turbot he caught.

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  1. Oh my gosh Tara, I laughed so hard when I watched the video of Danny skinning the Turbot. I am so glad you are now catching some fish!! Looks like a blast!! :)