Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fish Fry

We are used to Sunday night dinners with family and this was no different.  After taking the dingy out to snorkel and test the new camera we came back to Finley waiting at our boat with a cooler full of fish.  Dan went up to the parking lot and helped Finley scale and clean most of the fish for over an hour.  I baked banana bread and then headed up to start the fry.  Finley tenderized the rest of the conch then stuck it in the marinade.  We ended up with mackerel, conch, frog legs, rabbit, plantains, corn and coconut rice.  I was asking how to make the coconut rice because it was delicious and learned that it is not brown rice.  It is actually white rice that they put a brown dye in.  Finley said that they just dye it sometimes so they don't have to eat white rice every night!  We got a kick out of that.  We ended up with a few neighbors and us talking through the night, listening to good music, and learning how to dance the bahamian way.


  1. Did you eat the conch raw? Love the scuba pic of Tara!!

  2. Looks like good food and good company!! Oh my gosh you look like you are having so much fun!!