Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cabin Fever

We have done everything you can do on this island and we are ready to move on.  It has been 1 week and our tank has had no progress at all.  We haven't even received a quote from the place it was.  Yesterday we picked it up and moved it to that new marine store we found.  We will have a quote today and then they will get started on making a new one.  We only hope they have the material in stock so we won't have to wait for it to get here.  Today we are going out to the Atlantic to get the dust off our sails and try our hand and fishing for Mahi Mahi and Tuna.  We have gone exploring on this island and have found that it is more run down than kept up.  Most the hotels are empty and have been destroyed by the locals.  There are more half build homes than actual people that live on the island.  There is a canal that was build some years ago we think with the intention of building homes around it as there are bays build as well.  It could be a great location to build a subdivision, but only a few homes are scattered around the canal.  The public buses are actually just vans that basically drop you off where you are going.  We really like our neighbors and most the people have been extremely nice and helpful to us.  

This was a car accident that happened a while ago.  There was still debris on the road and broken glass a few yards from where the car ended up.


  1. NICE!!!! I want to see some caught fish pics in the next post

  2. Looks like a beautiful place in need of some major TLC. Hope all goes well with the tank and fishing. Enjoy a Mahi Mahi taco for me.

  3. Can I say this is so very cool. I am amazed how prepared and knowledgeable you guys are. This is awesome! I look forward to reading you next blog.
    Your mom's friend, Susan!

  4. The island breeze is blowing through your ears.... That car has been upside down for a long time, the engine is gone, the axles are gone, its been gutted like it sat overnight in Los Angles.

  5. Preston, Tara, & lieutenant Dan I don't think I've ever been so jealous in my life! Coleman had told me a little about your adventure, but seeing this really makes me wanna do something like this. Excited to follow this blog (blog? did I really say that) have fun, stay safe & keep "blogging"!
    Landon Richmond