Monday, January 21, 2013

Crab Cay

We left Allen's-Pensacola around 7:30am and headed 12 miles south to Crab Cay.  It was overcast and winds were 15-20 knots coming from the south.  We tacked for a couple hours and we were there.  Again we had the anchorage all to ourselves.  The water was 8 feet deep and so clear we could see that our anchor 20 feet off the bow.  It was too cold to go outside so we played a game of monopoly until the sun came out in the afternoon.  We showered and swam off the back of the boat for a couple hours then decided to go lobster hunting in the dingy.  We headed toward a rocky point on Crab Cay (pronounced key) and just decided to anchor the dingy and jump in.  Not 3 feet from where we anchored I found a lobster waiting to be caught and at the same time Dan found two next to each other.  Preston had the spear and shot at mine first and he hid deep in his hole, so we swam over toward Dan and Preston speared those two in a couple minutes.  Off we went looking for one more for dinner.  We swam around the point and back almost to the dingy where Dan speared one more, which makes 3 for dinner.  The boys popped the heads off the tails and then headed to shore to find some wood and make a fire pit to cook some smores on after dinner.  I stayed on the boat and prepared the lobster to be grilled and some coconut rice.  We are now officially self sufficient and have some variety with our meals.  While dinner was cooking a big fish was lurking around our boat and we were trying to figure out what it was.  It is 4-5 feet long and it swims really slow and doesn't seem interested in anything, so Dan decided to get in the dingy and spear it.  First shot no luck.  Second shot and Dan was being flung around in the dingy and almost overboard when the spear came out of the fish and back at him.  It all happened so fast and by the time we realized what had happened we were laughing so hard.  Today another one was lurking by our boat agin and we were able to determine that they are barracuda!  After dinner we headed to shore to have a fire and stare at the stars.  Our firewood consisted of coconut shells and palm fronds.  It burned hot and fast.  We cut open a few fresh coconuts and drank the water and chewed on the meat. mmmmmmm nothing like smores with fresh coconut.  We started getting bitten by some mosquitos so we headed back to the boat.  We then noticed the mosquitos had followed us back to the boat and were not actually mosquitos, but some super tiny bug that has a stinging bite.  We tried to brush them all off us but with no luck and spent the night getting eaten alive.  The next day I spent swatting everything in the boat with a rag and ultimately sprayed bug killer to get rid of them.  Nasty little buggers they were.  We still see one here and there but for the most part they are gone.


  1. MMMMM Now I am craving lobster!! Your dinner looks so yummy!!

  2. No cattle on the island for steak n lobster?

  3. Looks amazing. How are you getting internet signals at these uninhabited islands?