Monday, August 26, 2013

Still Hot

We are still hanging out down here roasting in the sun everyday.  The guy we hired to fix our keel has pushed our launch date to Wednesday.  Hopefully we will have our stuff ready by then too.  We will be parking on the dock for a few weeks, fixing the window leaks, refinishing the floors, and still working on that starboard engine lock.  We are still waiting for our pallet of tools and things that was supposed to be delivered in 4 days, but has now been 7 days.  Hopefully it will make it to us tomorrow.  We have been scraping off old caulk and putting new caulk around some deck fittings and seams.  For every 15 minutes of work we need 1/2 hour of break in the shade.  We did manage to get all four corners of the boat caulked today though!  PROGRESS.