Thursday, August 22, 2013

97 Degrees & 97 Percent Humidity

After arriving to Fort Pierce, FL late Tuesday night we finally got to our boat Wednesday.  All the old places that used to leak water were fine, but we have 2 new leaky windows.  One filled up a floor board and the other dripped on top of the fridge and ran down the cabinets to the sink!  I stored my bamboo cutting board that Preston made me on top of the fridge.  Now it is covered in mildew and I had to throw my favorite kitchen item in the garbage.  Other than the 2 leaks everything else inside seems good.  The crack that attaches the keel to the hull has moisture leaking out again.  This has moved to top of the list of things to get done this week.  Before we put the boat in the water we need to fix that seam and fix the motor locking mechanism.  We are hoping to be done in 2 days and get the boat put in the water, she needs a good washing.  My sister, Holly, came out for 2 days to see the boat and helped get Lucy down here too.

We are all about saving a dollar so I only reserved an economy car, and it wasn't a problem until we tried loading the kennel Lucy traveled in to the back of the car.  It was about 3 inches bigger than the back of the car, so we just folded the back seats forward 3 inches.  Preston and I didn't mind much, but I'm sure Dan and Holly's 1 hour drive to Fort Pierce was very uncomfortable.  We had bags on top of our laps and Lucy was sitting on my lap!

With the temperature in the high 90's and the humidity in the high 90's as well it is hard to focus on the work on the boat.  We had all the fans going and even a breeze coming through the windows, but we were all too hot to do anything so we decided to take a beach day.  On the way to the beach we looked up and found spiders as big as our hands, got to the beach and had a blue crab patrolling the shore, on the way back to the car ran into a black snake, and then walking into the hotel we had a frog climbing the wall.  We were happy to have Holly's help the first day back on the boat, even though the heat about killed us.


  1. That crab is awesome. He's all hey man what's up.

  2. Hey, it's Mom. We're so glad to hear from you, know you're safely there. Watch out for those black snakes, or any color.

  3. Yay! Progress. Good luck you guys. Love the pic of the frogger.

  4. Love you guys! Reading about your adventures reminds me to be more spontaneous in life and I definitely want to visit ya'll.. I'm thinking sooner than later