Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Hole in Our Hull

I have always loved getting packages in the mail, but down here they are SOOOO much fun!  Today We got the hardware for our table, that is too big, and my very favorite new item on the boat!

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?  I am dying to finish a few projects on her next week, but first we have to fix the hole in our hull.  The boys sanded off the bottom paint, where the supposed "crack" was leaking water.  When they got down to the fiberglass they found a hole the size of a nickel!  The hole started draining water slowly so Preston made a smaller hole to start air flow and drain all the water out.  After visiting West Marine and spending a pretty penny we got some information on how to fix it.  We knew we had to dry it out and so I bought a hairdryer and we started drying/draining the hole.  After 4 hours of it slowly draining what we thought was a lot of water Preston got out the shop vac and we pulled out at least another 2 gallons of water.  We patched the hole and called it a night while it dried.  This morning we talked to the body guy working on the boat next to ours and decided we need to drill some small holes lower to ensure all the water is out.  He is going to re-glass the hole, mud, topcoat, and bottom paint the mess we have made tomorrow.  I forgot to take pictures of the patch job West Marine told us to do.  I'll post them tomorrow.  We decided that because it is under the waterline we need to spend the money to get it fixed right.  We do not want to deal with blistering in the future.

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