Friday, July 26, 2013

25 Days and Counting

We have been knocking things off our "lists" like crazy the last month or so.  We are trying to wrap everything up in our lives so we can get back on Jalapeno.  We are officially leaving Salt Lake City on August 20, 2013 bound for Fort Pierce, where we will spend the next few months fixing, installing, and provisioning our boat for its trip around the world  We brought a good sized list home with us from the boat and have slowly marked almost everything off.
  1. Buy one way plane ticket back to Florida
  2. Order boat cards
  3. Order wind generator
  4. Order T-shirts
  5. Fix gear for windlass
  6. Camera accessories
  7. Sew some covers for a few things on the boat
  8. Order extra rolled pins for gear (stainless steel)
  9. Find locking mechanism for starboard engine
  10. Order table bases
  12. See friends and family as much as possible 
  13. Make quilts for beds---special sizes
  14. Make courtesy flags
  15. Get fishing reels re-spun
  16. Shave Lucy
  17. Order Sailrite sewing machine for the boat
  18. Pack remaining tools & supplies and ship to boat
  19. .............the list never ends but we got a good start on it.

I just ordered some boat cards for us!!!  We will hand these out to people we meet along the way to keep in touch.  

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  1. Love it. I want a card!! Oh, how sad I am that I did not get more time with you guys. Bummed we missed YOU!!