Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Checking Out

We went into town to check out of the Bahamas and pick up a few staples from the market.  The customs office didn't have a computer and all the paperwork was done on a typewriter.  She made a few mistakes and had to start over twice.  It took forever, but we finally got cleared to leave.  We asked around for a market and were told to walk to the orange house a ways down the road.  As we were walking a truck stopped in the road and waited for us to walk by and he wanted to take us to the market.  We declined, because we all wanted to stretch our legs especially Lucy.  He was not going to take no for an answer and after many attempts to be left alone we jumped in the back of his truck.  He did not keep going down the road we were already hiking, but turned around and headed the way we had just walked from.  We went all the way back to the customs office and then he turned down a dirt road and we pulled up to a house.  We were dazed and confused about what was going to happen.  He went up to the door and said hang on a minute.  We waited until a lady came out to greet us and opened up her "store"/shed for us to go shopping!  She had bread, potatoes, and eggs.  Almost everything I needed.  We said thanks and walked back to the dingy.  We stopped by an abandoned boat on the way back to our boat.  This boat looks like it washed up on shore and has been picked through.  Everything good was already taken, but Preston found a line sleeve that we will use on our boat.  


  1. Maybe the orange house was the McDonalds? I guess we'll never know.

  2. That boats not stripped, leave it overnight in West Valley City and I'll show you stripped!

  3. That boat said Keep Out! You guys are thieves!!

  4. We didn't take anything from the boat. The rope guards found, were on the beach nearby.

  5. Preston I was just teasing!! I thought any abandoned boat in the Bahamas were free for the taking anyways right?? I was just joking with you!!

    1. The term you are looking for is Preston is a Pirate! ha ha ha