Thursday, December 12, 2013

Catch Up

I thought I would catch you up on a few of the questions you all asked in the comments.  And add a few pictures of moments I didn't have time to show.

The broken goggles was a lesson learned for us.  We had been having some problems with the current in our anchorage and had reset the anchor 4 times, once in the middle of the night.  First thing the next morning Dan got up and decided to check the anchor and make sure it plowed in.  He put his goggles on and dove off the front of the boat holding his mask to his face and his tempered glass mask shattered.  Luckily he had his eyes closed!  We had heard not to dive with your mask on and now we know why.  From that point on we all jump off vertically when our masks are on.

Off Allen's Cay Preston pulled up a big conch shell and put it on the back steps.  A few minutes later it was trying to crawl back into the water, and it wasn't a conch.  It was the biggest hermit crab known to man.  Has anyone every seen a hermit crab this big?  Usually they are the size of a nickel or quarter.  This guy was as big as my head.

Preston likes to take pictures of all the dead carcases we stumble upon.  Here are a few of his growing collection of photos.

We heard back from the people that put the message in the bottle and found out that it was thrown overboard somewhere near Nassau by a couple from Washington off a cruise ship.  Which means a lone bottle traveled 400 miles weaving between islands in 10 months or less with no propulsion or sails (without breaking).  This gives us hope that we will make it 33,000 miles around the world using our sails (without breaking)!


  1. Thanks for the bonus coverage. Do you guarantee Christmas delivery on your Jalapeno shirts?

  2. You better make it back without breaking! And tell Preston his carcase pictures are creepy

  3. Ditto Erika! I love the idea of a bottle making it that far.