Friday, November 29, 2013

This is Not Sea World

A few days ago we were talking to some friends that had stopped by our boat to ask us about our SSB radio and this lone dolphin started circling our boat.  As we talked the dolphin swam slowly around our boat about 10 times.  After they left we grabbed the camera, and snorkel gear and eased ourselves in the water off the back of the boat.  He didn't seem spooked at all.  He actually preferred to swim with us!  We spent the next hour or so just playing with this dolphin.  We could swim up to about 3 feet from him before he would back off a little bit, but if we backed off he would come chase us to play some more.  We were having so much fun we swam over to our neighbors Stray Cat with dolphin in tow and they jumped in to swim with us too.  I don't think he was looking for food, but just some friends to swim with.  We went back to our boat and he followed again and started swimming circles around us again.  Preston decided he was going to dive in at him to see what he would do.  We both thought he would take off the second Preston hit the water.  Boy were we wrong.  We waited until the dolphin was close then Preston leaped off the boat made a big splash and the dolphin almost copied what Preston did.  As soon as Preston hit the water the dolphin would surface and make a splash.  So Preston jumped again and again and again!  I was running around the boat trying to get a good picture and Lucy was running the perimeter of the boat chasing the dolphin.  It was a really great experience.  Swimming with an untamed dolphin in the wild!


  1. Preston is the Bravest Daredevil I have ever known. I used to think I would love to swim with dolphins and whales not knowing how powerful they are. How cool Preston! Maybe he was related to Flipper.

    1. Yes he is. Every time the dolphin would swim directly at me I would get nervous and here was Preston wanting to grab on and go for a ride!

  2. No need for our old blow up dolphin to swim with, you guys got to swim with the real Dolly the dolphin!!