Saturday, November 30, 2013


We will have a day of good weather and then a day of windy weather.  On the good weather days we take the dingy out to different islands and go exploring.  The last island we went to had a fantastic beach and trails that take you from one side of the island to the other.  We swam a while then followed one of the trails around the island.  The next day was windy so we decided not to try and dingy anywhere.  Instead we did boat projects! YAY!!  Lucy got a much needed haircut, the water maker got new filters and a new membrane, we charged the batteries to 100%, did the laundry, and helped Stray Cat get their sail back up.  I think Lucy loves getting her hair cut, because she just lays there for the hour it takes me to buzz her.  She doesn't try to leave or fight me on the weird positions I put her in.  I found a tic on her the other day and decided her hair was too long.  As we headed over to Stray Cat to help them put their sail up that they hand sewed back together we should have realized that is was too windy to put a sail up.  After we hoisted Fred up to the top of his mast we started feeding the sail through the furling roller.  When the sail was about a quarter of the way up the it started flapping like crazy.  The higher and higher it went the more wind it would grab.  Debbie and I were trying our best to hold onto the sail as it was flailing about.  We were being thrashed all over the front of the boat.  Our hands were gripping as hard as we could and we were using our weight to try and hold the sail, but it had a mind of its own and it was going to throw us off the boat!  We finally gave up and rolled the jib in with still a foot to go.  It was pretty funny.  The other boaters around us were on their bows watching and I'm sure laughing as we were getting thrown about.  We went back today and got the sail all the way up and rolled in.
Georgetown itself is great little town.  I already told you how great their market is, but I have to tell you again because it is very far and in-between when we can find everything we need.  The hardware store is just as well stocked and we were able to find everything we needed there too!  It is different to see how Bahamians live compared to how Americans live.  The biggest thing we have noticed is that they have no where to put their garbage, so almost everything gets repurposed or is used until there is nothing left.  The ladies here weave the bark of the coconut trees into baskets, hats, and mats.  It is interesting to watch the intricuit braiding being weaved as the gossip circle gathers.
We went out dinner with Stray Cat the other night.  After searching for the only pizza place in town and fining out they were out of cheese, we ended up getting cheeseburgers at the yacht club.  It was a great night with great food.  We enjoy the company and conversation with Stray Cat and hope to follow their adventure as we move forward tomorrow and they stay here waiting for their son to visit.  Thanks again Stray Cat for being so generous and helping us along the way.

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  1. How odd to have the sail catch all that wind! I guess we know what Stray Cat is thankful for on Thanksgiving, a sail boat without sails doesn't sound like fun. Nice of you guys to help