Monday, November 25, 2013

The Internet

Wow it is different to have the internet everyday.  We can check the weather, email, and FaceTime friends and family.  It is amazing how much easier the internet makes life.  It gives a certain comfort knowing what the weather will be everyday.  Preston has taken advantage and done some more stock trading.  We are very happy to be in Georgetown.  The area we are exploring is roughly 10 miles long by 2 miles wide filled with small, medium, and large islands.  Not only is Georgetown the largest town we have been to yet, but it has the best stocked market and the prices there are only double that of the USA instead of triple! This will be the last place we can stock the boat before we leave the bahamas and head to Turks & Caicos where we will wait for weather to make our passage south to the Virgin Islands.  For now we are relaxing and exploring the popular Elizabeth Harbor.  There are quite a few boats anchored here, many of which we have already shared an anchorage or two with as we made our way down the Exumas.  Right now the wind is blowing 20-30 knots from the east.  On a boat that is REALLY windy.  We hiked to a monument on Stocking Island the other day.  We climbed straight up the steep face and later found the trail to come down.  There is a bird that has made its nest on top and he didn't like us going up there very much.  There was a really cute bench up there that had hearts carved out all over it and it said "Engaged Here" and the hearts were filled in with names and dates.


  1. Tara, why don't you and Preston sail down to the Turks and leave Dan at the "Bench" to start carving. You can pick him up on your way back!

  2. I second what your Dad said ;)
    Tell Danny to start carvin!
    Love the pic of you, Preston and Lucy. That should be your Christmas card ... I guess you 'll just have to post it on FB and we can all pretend its a card in the mail :) hehe
    And hint, hint.... My phone is always on. You know... Just in case you miss me and want to see my darling face. Charlie is starting to worry that you got eaten by that shark

  3. Lol...just noticed my profile pic!! Wow...take a closer look at that one! We are babies in the pic. I don't even think Eric had any gray hair!!! I'm pretty sure that is a 'pre' kids pic! Haha

    1. I barely recognize you without all your wrinkles and frown lines!!!

  4. what Eric said. That pic on the bench is the best. I know it takes someone in the shadows to get some of your great pics. Thanks Dan! You know we consider you part of our family. MamaCleo

  5. Um. We really need to facetime. Yesterday I mentioned your name and James said "who's Tara?" So I showed of you guys and he said, "I really miss them... I really miss Lucy" Haha.

  6. Your pictures are making me warmer!! So pretty!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving friends. And thanks for the boots Dan. Take good care. love All the pictures.