Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lake Powell

We planned one last friend trip before we head back to Florida.  We had a total of  14 people at Powell with us this year and we had a blast!  Of course we got a later start than planned and ended up sleeping pulled off the side of the road in the trucks and boats in Kanab, UT, an hour and a half away from Powell.  Once we got to the lake everything went seamlessly.  Both boats fired right up, and before we knew it camp was setup and we were taking a well deserved swimming break.  The week was just what we needed.  A lot of swimming, playing, and quality time with our friends.  We had perfect weather, an adorable kitchen mouse with huge Mickey Mouse ears, and only one creepy looking spider.  My 2 favorite things about camping at Lake Powell are no cell service, and sleeping on the rock with no tent under the stars.  As my friends learned tents just don't work very well at Powell!!!  Well huge hotel tents don't work very well.  Other than 2 broken tents and a broken popup shade cover everything was ideal, until the ride home.............

On the drive home our truck broke down 40 miles from beaver at about 9:00pm.  We sat at the side of the road waiting for the tow truck driver and eventually pulled into beaver with the truck on the flatbed and the tow truck towing the boat at 12:30am.  Four of our party got to spend the night in Beaver, UT!!!  I was definitely jealous.

 Whoever said you have to ride on your knees on a kneeboard??

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  1. OMG! I am so jealous. You can't have it all, but man I wish had time & money to go on this trip with you all. Miss you to pieces.