Sunday, March 3, 2013

Snow? Yes Please!

We decided late in the morning to pack up and go snowmobiling for the day.  After loading up and borrowing some snow clothes we made it up the mountains around 1:00pm.  We headed deep into the hills and were almost to an area where the trees widen and we can play in open meadows when one of the snowmobiles just died.  We should have known that if the three of us go somewhere together something is guaranteed to fail.  After changing the spark plugs we somehow got it started again and were ready to play when I got my snowmobile stuck in some deep snow and had to get dug out.  Once I was out, that same snowmobile wouldn't start again.  After the second spark plug change we only had one more set of new plugs so we decided to head back to the truck.  On the way back Dan headed up a vertical hill and sunk in a snow drift, then Preston went up to help dig him out and got stuck 100 yards away from him.  I decided that I could go help but got stuck even further away.  Kitt, my oldest brother, was our last hope and he totally saved the day.  First helped me lift out then headed up and got Dan and Preston out.  After that you can guess what happens next.  We had to change the spark plugs again using all of our good plugs and we were still an hour away from the truck.  We headed back as the sun was setting and made it without killing the last plugs.  Although we were only out a few hours we still had fun and got plenty cold.