Thursday, March 28, 2013

Las Vegas, Nevada

We decided last week to drive to Las Vegas to meet up with Finley, who was on vacation down there from the Bahamas.  We knew he was down there the March 18-23 and when we couldn't get ahold of him on the 18th we figured his phone didn't work in the U.S.  After trying calling, texting, facebooking him and his wife, we decided to just head to Vegas and we would find him!  We left around 4:00pm and reached Meadow, UT a few hours later and stopped by the hot springs again for a quick soak.  We met a couple here that had also sold their home and everything with it to build a boat and sail around.  She told us that after a few weeks off the coast of Oregon she couldn't handle it and so they spent the summer on the boat and the winter RVing the west coast and Mexico.  We are starting to realize that more people are up for the adventure and uncertainty that traveling the world brings than we thought.  Small world to meet a couple trying the same thing we are in a cow pasture in the middle of Utah!  The sun was still up when we were at the springs this time and we dove as deep as we could and still never touched bottom.  Back on the road and when we were just outside of Mesquite, NV we got a phone call from Finley.  We made plans to get together the next day and could tell he was very excited.  We spent the next day walking the strip seeing all the tourist sites and shops.  We met up with Finley and his wife to go to dinner and all they wanted was "Something they can't get in the Bahamas."  After deciding that everything that is in the U.S. is in the Bahamas as well we decided atmosphere was the one thing they couldn't get in the Bahamas.  We headed to Planet Hollywood in Caesars Palace.  It is a long walk from the parking garage through the casino and down the forum shops before we got to the place where Planet Hollywood used to be.  I asked around and found out it moved to the end of the forum shops probably another .25mile down.  We finally arrived at the much anticipated Planet Hollywood only to find out that it was closed for a "private party" for the night!  It was now 8:00pm and we were all starving and decided that the best option was the next closest restaurant was the best choice.  Cheesecake Factory here we come, of course it is at the opposite end of the forum shops.  We laughed all through dinner and loved the company.  After dinner we made it just in time for the last water show at the Bellagio.  Finley was hilarious during the show, he was filming himself in front of the fountains narrating the whole experience.  Talking the whole time about how you probably couldn't even see him because his skin is too dark, and he was right all it looked like in the video was a silhouette  of someone in front of the fountains.  This is something that he is always worried about when we are taking pictures.  He is constantly saying stand closer so the flash picked me up, or make sure the brightest flash is on and a few time he took it upon himself to use his flashlight to light him up! Finley has a personality that can't be explained, you just have to meet him to believe it.  A great example of this is the next day when we were standing in line to go through the Pawn Stars pawn shop he got a brilliant idea to faux autograph some papers he had in hand.  I played along and asked to get my picture taken with the one and only STILEETO, and before I knew it had a few tourists filming him asking for pictures and autographs.  We made his trip by treating him like a celebrity and laughed the the whole way home because of his crazy ideas.

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  1. Oh how fun! I love it. It does not surprise me that YOU met people doing the same thing in the middle of nowhere. You have that thing that people are attracted to... magnetic. Haha!