Thursday, March 7, 2013

Atlantic to Pacific

We have moved from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.  Crossed 19 states and managed to fit in a little bit of work all within 3 1/2 weeks.  The last few days have been very busy filled with Disneyland, the beach, and the pool.  We had a great beach day even though it wasn't your typical beach day.  It was overcast which is probably why we had the beach to ourselves.  As we were pulling into the beach we could see the dolphins swimming 50 yards off the shoreline.  We were trying to hurry down to see them, but could not get the park ranger to hurry along with our day pass.  We sat anxiously waiting for 15 minutes while he struggled to run our card on two different systems.  Finally we got our pass and cruised down to the beach as fast as we could.  The dolphins were still there popping up every few seconds and scanning the shoreline for lunch.  Turns out we didn't need to hurry as the dolphins stayed the whole day, even with five loud and crazy kids playing in the waves.  After a few hours we had some more friends show up!  A group of sea lions came rather close to check out Kitt and the kids in the water.  Popping their heads up 15 feet away and staring them straight in the face.  We continued to play in the freezing water being pounded wave after wave.  I got a little jellyfish sting on my leg but was so numb it only hurt for a few minutes.  Oh yeah the water is icy cold and feels like knives stabbing you as you get in.  Once you force yourself in past your waistline it only takes about 10 minutes before you are "used" to the cold.  Or your body is so numb it doesn't feel as cold!  After the beach we headed back to the hotel and straight to the hot tub and pushed the defrost button.

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  1. You guys are having too much fun. I wish we were closer to that part of Cali so you could have stopped in. SO, so glad we landed in the same place at the same time this week. :)