Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Salt Lake City, Utah

We made it home Sunday night just in time for dinner.  Driving through I-80 got a little scary and semi trucks were wrecked and had slid off the road all over the place.  We made it through the 12 degree pit stops, barely.  As we got to Salt Lake City the temperature was now 20 degrees and everyone continues to tell us, "It's not cold today, it's warm."  I completely disagree.  If you can see your breath when you talk and have to wear gloves or your fingers will fall off IT IS COLD!  I now feel silly for ever saying I was cold in the Bahamas.  I was not cold, not even close.  We are so grateful and in debt to my dad and neighbor who plowed and shoveled our driveway after each storm.  We spent the whole day yesterday clearing the snow off the back side of our driveway.  We even used my dad's 4-wheeler with a plow and it still took the whole day.  Anyway we are back and excited to see friends and play in the frozen water.  Hopefully we can get everyone out of their nice 70 degree homes and out on some hills to go sledding.

Time to go to the grocery store!


  1. Glad you made it home. WOW! That is quite the snow you have there.

  2. Too much snow. We almost kept driving to Cali, because your hikes and weather look way more fun!