Monday, February 4, 2013

Little Stirrup Cay

We left the marina around 11 and headed for the fuel dock but could not fuel as the fuel barge was there and we were told to wait until 2 or 3.  We decided to we had enough fuel to get us back to Grand Bahama Island so we left and anchored just south of Little Stirrup Cay.  Our plan has changed and we are now headed back to Freeport for a 1 day stop on our way back to Florida.  We will be heading back to Florida and then back to Salt Lake City for a couple months.  We still have some loose ends to tie up with our house and jobs.
Little Stirrup Cay is owned by the cruise lines and feels like Disney Land.  The beaches are lined with sun chairs, the water is filled with blowup toys, and the waters around the islands are buzzing with waverunners and parasailors.  The vegetation is sprayed for bugs every few days and when we could smell the BBQ we decided it was time for us to sneak on land.  We hopped in the dingy, motored over and conspicuously pulled the dingy up the beach between rocks trying to hide it.  Walking around the island we blended in fine and got to the restaurant where we found out they had just shut down for the day.  Then all of a sudden everyone started packing up and walking back to the shuttle boat.  We were the only people walking in the wrong direction and at this point we thought we were for sure going to get caught, but we made it back to the dingy and headed to the point of the island.  We jumped in the water to catch dinner and yet again anchored the dingy right on top of the lobsters!  The locals had stopped by our boat a few days ago to see if we wanted to buy some lobster for $10 and we were shocked at the size of their lobsters.  The tails were easily the size of your head and the whole lobster was bigger than a small dog.  We turned them down determined to catch our own monsters.  They told us to look by the cruise ship islands and so we did.  We didn't find the monsters but one was a fairly good size and the other two were the size our last ones were.  I even got brave and stuck my hand under the ledge one was in and just grabbed his antenna and pulled him out.  It was trying to get away and I could barely hold onto it.  We missed dinner on the island but ended up with fresh baked bread and garlic butter lobster pasta.


  1. Happy to hear you guys made it through all that crazy weather ok! And sooooo happy your coming home for a bit. Can't wait to see ya!
    That lobster that Preston caught looked pretty big to me! I bet your pasta was amazing!

  2. yeah... that lobster looks huge!! can't wait to see you!! james keeps asking about you guys :)