Thursday, April 3, 2014

Welcome to S/V Jalapeño Stobbe Family Part I

The past week has gone by too fast. We can't believe that it's already time for our visitors to go home.  We have been having too much fun to waste any time writing the blog. I'll try to catch you up on what has been happening. 
Preston's oldest brother Aaron and his family flew out to Puerto Rico to visit us.  We started out the week by being an hour late to the airport to pick them up!  They were lucky it was only an hour. We have lost our concept of time and days on the boat. Once we got back to the boat we untied the lines and sailed for one hour to Palaminos, a small island just east of Puerto Rico.  The next morning we motor sailed to Culibrita. We had a few pale faces along the way, but everyone made it in one piece.  We were welcomed with turtles and white sand beaches.  Before the anchor was even plowed in everyone was swimming to shore to play in the waves.  Preston and Aaron tapped into their inner Barbie and artistically created a ball gown for Sarah.  We swam for 2 days straight before the weather got rough and we headed back to the mainland Puerto Rico. We haven't had a storm for months and now that we have visitors on the boat we had waves building and scattered showers. Luckily it only lasted the weekend and we only spent 1 day in it before we moved to the West coast of Puerto Rico.  We spent a couple days exploring the small towns and beaches on the west coast, hiked to a lighthouse, and slept like babies on a REAL mattress after a hot shower with unlimited water.  Ohhh how nice the luxuries of running water and air conditioning feel after months on the boat. 

Sand? What sand? It's on my face? Where?


  1. BEST TRIP EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so fun to see us on the blog that we've been reading for months. We are all still rocking whenever we sit still. You guys live quite the life. You ruined work for me today. Painful.

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