Monday, April 7, 2014

Stobbe Visit Part II

As we stayed in Boqueron for a few days we took advantage of swimming in a chlorinated pool.  Sometimes on the boat we get sick of swimming in salt water and always feeling gritty after a dip.  We also went to church on Sunday, where everything was in Spanish and there was no pianist to accompany the hymns.  We headed back to the boat for the last couple days. This time we sailed to Vieques and anchored just outside the entrance to a bioluminescent bay. After dinner we all hopped into the dinghy and headed into the sparkly blue water of the bio bay. This experience is a little hard to explain as there is nothing like it.  As the water is agitated it emits a sparkling glitter of blue glow.  Although we were swimming in only 4 feet of water with sea grass brushing the bottom of our legs, everyone was laughing and amazed by the water.  The next day we went to the most beautiful beach.  All we did was swim, play in the sand, and get sunburned. We also went hunting for a black sand beach, which I had never been to one before.  I think this was my favorite part of the day. I was expecting black sand, but not this black. It was as black as black gets and what do you do when at a black sand beach?  Well you smear the sand all over you of course!  To make the beach even cooler, two horses came out of nowhere and ran down the shore right by us.  It was our last day and we had to squeeze in some snorkeling.  We dropped the anchor at our 3rd stop jumped in the dinghy and went to the spot that was supposed to have great snorkeling.  That spot ended up having nothing but strong current and sandy bottom.  We did find some good snorkeling on our way back to the boat.  It was fun to see the kids get so excited about seeing the fish, shrimp, and sting ray.  To end our perfect day we were joined at sunset by a mommy dolphin and her baby swimming in our bay. We had the BEST time with our family and miss them already.


  1. Looks fun! I don't think you could fit 1 more person in that dinghy hahaha

  2. Thats great the kids caught some fish