Friday, February 21, 2014

St. Christopher (St. Kitts)

We hopped in a taxi Wednesday morning and started our tour of St. Kitts.  With our new "selfie stick" we snapped a shot in the taxi to mark the beginning of our day.  Preston ordered a camera arm extender so we could get some more angles of the two of us together instead of the long arm extending to the camera showing mostly our faces.  Every time we pull out the "selfie stick" we look very dorky and everyone around us gets a kick out of us.  To say we look like tourists is an understatement, but we never had to ask someone to take our picture!  The day was filled with the history and botany of St. Kitts.  Terrance, our taxi driver, seemed to know a lot of facts about the island, but had a hard time answering any questions we asked.  Preston later told me he was reading off notecards as he drove!  Preston got in trouble for keeping his window open too long.  Terrance told us we could either have the A/C on or the windows open but not both.  We drove through downtown Basseterre, stopped in the rainforest botanical garden, and finished the day at the Brimstone Fortress.  The fortress was amazing.  It was built in the 1600's and took 104 years to build.  With only a few restorations most of the complex is still original.

 The "Selfie Stick"


  1. From my view, the pic of Pres leaping over the opening at the Fortress, reminds me of the Fortress scene in "Romancing the Stone". No Alligators I suppose. Love the Selfie.

  2. The selfie stuck is hilarious!! I bet people have you some petty funny looks.
    St. Kitts looks beautiful!!
    And tell Presron he looks like a velociraptor in the jungle leaf pic..haha